Spring is in the Air!

We love spring! This is a beautiful and wonderful time of year with great weather and an open invitation to enjoy the outdoors! Who doesn’t love to take a walk around the block or pull out a chair in the backyard to just enjoy the nice cool evening breeze and count the stars. I have a neighbor that loves to air dry her laundry in the spring because the weather is perfect and she loves spending time outside for a change. We happen to live in paradise so why not enjoy it’s many gifts of nature? Oh but not all of natures gifts are enjoyable or even wanted! This is the time of year to look out for termites, rodents and fire ants among other unwanted pests. If you haven’t already protected your home now is a good time to consider giving us a call and getting some peace of mind! Below are a few of natures lovely gifts you might want to look out for this time of year. Click on the links or images to read more.

TERMITES – Do you know what swarming season is? Termites begin swarming in mid to late February through late March and have been feeding all winter, summer, spring and fall. This is the first visible evidence of termites and their swarm is commonly mistaken as “flying ants”. Turning on your heat on a cold day can cause these termites to immediately start flying out of your walls. Scary thought huh? Termite damage can get quite expensive in a home, is yours protected? Click here to read more…

RODENTS – Springtime means peak breeding season for commensal pests and rodents! Who knew? Roof rats breed throughout the year, with two peaks of production: In February and March and again in May and June. The period of least activity is in July and August. The gestation period is approximately 21 days, and the number of young per litter averages almost seven. Is your home protected? Click here to read more…

FIRE ANTS – It’s true, ants are super busy this time of year and fire ants are especially dangerous pest to have anywhere near your living quarters. Red Imported Fire Ant mounds are not hard to come by in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and the surrounding Southwest Florida areas. Mounds may be found almost anywhere in Southwest Florida: grass, sidewalk cracks, under objects like rocks, on beaches or near water. Fire ants are vigorous and aggressive creatures here in Southwest Florida. They will instantaneously swarm over anyone or anything that disturbs their mound such as: animals, birds, livestock, pets, or people. This is the time of year when kids love to go out to play in the yard, is your family, yard and home protected against fire ants?  Click here to read more…

Lenny’s Pest Control is all about educating you and helping you protect your home and space from unwanted, bugs and pests. We would love to come out to your home or business and inspect your property, give you an estimate and get your protected. Please give us a call at (239) 945-6543 for all your pest control needs in southwest Florida.

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About Lenny's Pest Control

Lenny's was started in 2001. The owner, Leonard Volberg Sr. retired from that very famous, very large pest control company after nineteen years of delivering quality service to their customers. After a short time he became board and opened Lenny's as a part time venture. In short time it became evident that this would be much more than a part time business. He worked by himself until 2004 when it became necessary to get help. Instead of hiring a stranger, he convinced Lenny Jr., who was also with that very large famous pest control company, to become his partner and become a business owner, that is when things really took off and we grew to what we are today. A very sucessful quality service company with only the customers best interest in mind.
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