Red Hot Fire Ants!

Although we haven’t had much in the form of a winter it is that time of year when we need to start thinking about spring and some of the concerns warm weather can bring.  One of these pesky issues is the fire ant. At Lenny’s Pest Control we feel it’s very important to educate our customers on how to avoid  unwanted bugs and pests. Our blog is dedicated to informing and educating you on what you need to know about bugs and how we can help protect your home – today we’d like to educate you on Fire Ants!

Fire ants don’t bite; they will sting; similar to a wasp. They hold on with their mouth parts and inject venom into skin through a stinger on their abdomen. It is possible to be stung hundreds of times if you unknowingly disturb a mound.

When stung by Red Imported Fire Ants a strong stinging and burning sensation will immediately erupt near the spot you were stung. After the Fire Ants stings, the area will swell to a red bump and become itchy. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the stings and might require medical attention. The venom is called solenopsin composed of alkaloids.

These insects are also known as the “red imported fire ants”. This is considered to be a more appropriate name because they were introduced originally in Alabama by a South American cargo ship in the 1930s. A few other names known worldwide for the Fire Ant is ginger ants and tropical fire ants. There are over 280 known stinging species of ants. Fire Ants are classified in this group.

Red Imported Fire Ant mounds are not hard to come by in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and the surrounding Southwest Florida areas. Mounds may be found almost anywhere in Southwest Florida: grass, sidewalk cracks, under objects like rocks, on beaches or near water. Fire ant colonies have been found inside cars or trucks. Fire ants are known to be attracted to electrical currents. The best description of a mound is that it looks like a sand pile. Beware if you see a mound with no movement, they sometimes tend to be buried under the sand. Once you cause activity in their mound they will swarm out by the hundreds. Fire ants are vigorous and aggressive creatures here in Southwest Florida. They will instantaneously swarm over anyone or anything that disturbs their mound such as: animals, birds, livestock, pets, or people.  They have been found to cause considerable damage to air conditioners, telephone junction boxes, transformers, traffic lights, and even gasoline pumps.

Fire Ants can be controlled by a two different methods.  Lenny’s Pest Control is an expert in preventing, controlling and exterminating fire ants from your personal living space and surrounding areas. We have specific treatments that we apply to problem areas that work every time! If you have a fire ant or other pest control problem please call us at 239-945-6543 or click here to visit our site.

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